you cant graph line segments

or can you...

well, no, you cant. not with a normal equation, at least.

on most, if not all TI calculators, there is a button labeled "TEST".

the menu contains comparators such as < and >, but it also has a LOGIC tab.

this gives you access to conditional operators, like and and or.

since these will either return 1 (true) or 0 (false), they can cut off lines at certain points.

it's that easy.

drawing a triangle

putting a horizontal line and 2 diagonal lines together will make a triangle. simple as that.

Y1=(X>-5 and X<5)
Y2=(X>-5 and X<0)(X+5)+(X>-5 and X<0)
Y3=(X>0 and X<5)(-X+5)+(X>0 and X<5)