this is art

shut up it totally is

i want to send it to someone on whatsapp

but what if they steal it and sell it because it's valuable art

i know, i'll just use a single view image!

enter: whatsapp web

more specifically, whatsapp-web.js

whatsapp web disabled single view media functionality, requiring you to use your phone

but... the media is still sent to the browser

exploit time

using a custom userbot script, it is possible to retrieve the message media

                if (message.hasQuotedMsg && message.body == "!view") {
                    var quotedMsg = await message.getQuotedMessage();
                    if (!quotedMsg.hasMedia) return;
                    var media = await quotedMsg.getQuotedMessage();
                    await message.reply(new MessageMedia(onetime.mimetype,, onetime.filename, onetime.filesize));


full code

i tried responsibly disclosing this to whatsapp, but they ignored me